The ESTA Reengineering team is comprised of Lean Six Sigma process improvement experts embedded at client locations on every continent (except Antarctica). This group was created to help companies improve the 80 percent of business process flows that must always be managed internally, as well as the 20 percent that lend nicely to outsourcing. Its ability to look at process end-to-end—from internally managed segments to outsourced elements and back again—enables ESTA to deliver more "complete" transformations and glitch-free transitions.

Fully 50 percent of ESTA's Reengineering ranks are Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt certified. And as a significant part of most new client engagements, its team members bring a number of valuable skills to the table. They include: As-is Process Assessments; Gap or "Break" Analysis; Data-Matrix Building; Metrics "Dashboard" Development; Stakeholder-Orientation Programming; Change-Management Training; and Predictive Modeling.


The Reengineering expertise is routinely applied to process areas such as Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Collections, Contract Management, Order Fulfillment, and Record to Report. This expertise has also been applied successfully to specialized services like Sales Force effectiveness and Healthcare services.

Procure-to-Pay Reengineering

Having managed over 30 Accounts Payable processes for more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, we understand the underlying inter-linkages in Procure-to-Pay processes. We leverage that deep and broad foundational understanding—along with the insights from 12 different ERP platforms and 10 different workflow systems—to deliver unparalleled insight and solutions. Our P2P process-improvement experts focus on streamlining process with "capital light" solution design and flawless execution. Wherever possible, we believe in sweating existing IT systems further rather than investing in new tools/technology. But when a new or well-renovated platform is clearly called for, we are ready to help design disciplined processes and well-crafted policy structures that will be easy to follow and prove indispensable.

Order-to-Cash Reengineering

Because the order-to-cash process stream is long and complex and comprises multiple functional disciplines (from booking an order with a customer, to a sales representative entering it, to physical or digital fulfillment, to distribution, invoicing and collections), the ESTA Reengineering team has made it one of its most significant areas of expertise. Using our extensive O2C experience, we have worked closely over the years with various manufacturing and service-sector companies to optimize their working capital. We have helped increase their cash flow by $150-million-plus and identify $10 million in revenue leakage. Our comprehensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology enables us to plug leaks imperceptible to most and pressure working capital back into an uptrend.

Collections Reengineering

Disciplined analysis of collection data and subsequent application of best practices can vastly improve process effectiveness and cash flow. But before these steps can be taken, something else must happen. The key to any successful reengineering of collections, ESTA believes, is the strong involvement of those who run the process day-to-day. These hands-on players must be intimately involved in the capture of data, analysis of difficult issues, and germination of breakthrough ideas for redesigning a much-improved process. We also recognize the importance of focusing on customer profile, delinquent accounts, payment patterns, operational strategy and the like. Finally, the scope of the project must include study of the upstream linkages such as order-management and billing, and downstream drivers such as cash application, dispute management, and reconciliations.

Contract Management Reengineering

Managing multiple contract types with varied spend can be time and cost-intensive. With growth, and an increase in suppliers, the need to ensure contract compliance—from creation of agreements, to requisitioning and PO creation, through to invoicing and payments—grows further. The frequency with which obligations must be actively monitored and managed (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc) is yet another complicating variable. To address the challenge, ESTA's process-improvement experts are using Lean Six Sigma expertise to help companies set up the right compliance metrics to minimize contract leakage and risk exposure. We focus on managing contracts through a simplified yet effective process and by leveraging tools/technologies.

Order Fulfillment

A broken or poorly managed fulfillment process stream translates into a slower closing of business, and ultimately, much weaker positive cash flows. That is why we focus on understanding where order-accuracy or timeliness is being compromised. By fixing, eliminating, or reworking process steps and procedural protocols that lead to inaccuracy and delay, we help increase your deliveries, invoices and collections. Developing a system where all defects are visible and process breaks repaired end-to-end is important. However, experience has taught us to pay particular attention to "upstream" process issues. This is where early order-entry errors and delays can slow or halt process flow outright, often very much adversely impacting downstream process performance.

Record-to-Report Reengineering

With years of experience providing Record-to-Report services to clients worldwide, ESTA's R2R reengineering efforts capitalize on a hard-won understanding of best practices to enhance controllership, reduce compliance risks, ensure accurate and efficient recordings of General Accounting transactions, timely and accurate management/statutory reporting and more. Our prime focus has always been on helping to reduce business-process costs, optimize process effectiveness and efficiencies, all while improving the ability to capture, validate and provide the timely and accurate financial data necessary to meet regulatory requirements. Whether helping companies analyze and improve Master Data Maintenance, General Accounting, Financial Closing and Consolidation, or increase the rigor brought to Account Reconciliations, Management Reporting, and Governmental Statutory compliance, we tailor our Lean Six Sigma process-improvement expertise to the organization's needs.

Global Business Services

ESTA fully supports the right steps for each client's journey toward business outcomes, whether that means selective support for some processes where the client requires a smaller scope of intervention, or whether that entails designing, building, operating, and improving global business service centers, operating centers, and shared services. We can provide the necessary people, process, infrastructure and related program management without taking ownership of the "day to day" process operations. For example, we would use our Smart Enterprise Process, provide guidance on organizational best practices, reengineer processes, and provide IT tools, but not necessarily directly run all processes if the client did not require it.


Creating smaller, smarter process infrastructure and sleeker process flows is the mandate of the Reegineering team. It aims to show clients how they can "shrink" (non-core processes) to "grow" (i.e., invest more time on core competencies, comfortable in the knowledge that backroom performance is improving). On that score, the team has an impressive track record. Read more about the business impact we have generated for some of our clients in our Industries page

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