ESTA has a 50-50 joint venture with broadcaster CNBC. CNBC delivers diversified services that enable content owners and creators to produce, manage and repurpose media with increased efficiency. It currently services several major media corporations across the globe.

A rapidly changing Media & Entertainment landscape has led to fragmented distribution across multiple platforms. To meet these challenges, CNBC offers everything from routine media services like transcription to high-end customized post production solutions. CNBC delivers services on a transactional basis as well as long-term Virtual Captive™ model.

CNBC services provide significant cost advantage to clients, allowing them to focus on key business drivers and improved efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Media Management Services: Adding Value to your Media Assets

• Digitization: Formats include DV, MPEG 2, HD for online or near-line storage.

• Audio/Video Transcription: Accurate, high quality and detailed transcripts of pre-production content, off-air programs, as well as servicing the needs of diverse industries like insurance and healthcare.

• Subtitling & Captioning: Master file generation and translation services allow content to be localized for distribution in multiple geographies.

• Metadata Enrichment: Allows easy search, retrieval and tracking of digital media.

• Schedule Preparation: CNBC provides remote schedule preparation, QC and metadata prep for broadcast and play out.

• Repurposing: For content distribution in new markets and new formats.

• Post Production Services: Creating Content at the Right Cost

• Video: At CNBC, we provide Non Linear Video Editing for both long and short format programs on Final Cut Pro and Avid. We also prepare Broadcast Masters conforming to channel styles, technical specifications and operational guidelines. Broadcast Masters are prepared in Standard Definition and High Definition, with stringent quality check on technical parameters.

• Sound: CNBC's studio is equipped with facilities that enable Dubbing & Mixing on Pro Tools 7.4.2, Audio Mastering & Mixing on Pro Tools 7.4.2 as well as Music & Effects Recreation for both film and television.

• Visual Effects: CNBC currently provides Animation, 3-D Modeling & Motion Graphics on Maya, AfterEffects, Combustion & Adobe Premium. Additional capabilities can be added on specific client requirements.

• Graphic Design: CNBC's graphic artists provide branding and packaging animation using AfterEffects and 3D Max. We also create end to end online campaigns in both Flash and HTML design.


CNBC services include Media Management and Post Production services. The gamut of services include Media Management in terms of Digitization, Audio/Video Transcription, Subtitling & Captioning, Metadata Enrichment, Schedule Preparation, Repurposing, as well as Post Production for Video, Sound, Visual Effects and Graphic Design.

  • Media Management


    Audio/Video Transcription

    Subtitling & Captioning

    Metadata Enrichment

    Schedule Preparation


    Video Post Production

    Sound Post Production

    Visual Effects

    Graphic Design

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