ESTA's Learning & Marcomm Services team provides innovative learning and media solutions, especially pertinent in today's economic environment, where companies often have to reduce spend in these critical areas. Our solutions focus on delivering high quality deliverables and meaningful business impact, while reducing time-to-market and cost of training, optimizing vendor spend, enhancing sales force effectiveness and increasing return on investment.

We have developed over 10,000 hours of learning, digitized over two million pages of content across all media types, designed over one million pages of content, translated content in 34 global languages, enhanced content reuse by 30 percent and increased user productivity by over 10 percent. Since 2003 we have won 21 international awards for content design excellence including awards from the Media Communications Association International (MCAI) and the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).


ESTA's comprehensive Content Solutions offerings include Learning Solutions, Marketing & Communications, OnDemand Content Creation, and Training & Communications Support.

Learning Solutions

Content Solutions provides an end-to-end suite of learning services to help align business priorities to employee learning in a cost-effective and scalable way. We offer client support in strategic-training and learning-needs assessment, curriculum and training design, training development, content deployment and maintenance, training delivery, LMS implementation and maintenance, and performance measurement.

Marketing & Communications

Our MarCom content solutions address the challenges of today's global business environment. They are designed with changing competitive conditions and consumer behavior in mind and recognize the shift in focus to emerging markets. They take into account the growing need for spend reduction and ROI optimization, not to mention the importance of speed-to-market. Always, the focus is on driving cost-effective growth through the consolidation and transformation of MarCom activity. We provide off-shoring creative services for the following non-core, vendor-based activities: Interactive/Digital Marketing (Product Launch Packages/Catalogs, Multimedia Presentations, Rich Media Applications, Performance Support Tools), Web Services (Marketing Portals, Intranets, Microsites and Splashes, Web Analytics, Widgets, Articles, Search Engine Optimization) and Direct Marketing (Brochures and Catalogs, Mailers, Newsletters, Logos/Icons/Forms, Sell Sheets, Data Sheets and Posters, Leaflets, and Banners).

OnDemand Content Creation

Today, the need to make outsourced content solutions available on demand is critical as access to comparable in-house resources declines. We provide OnDemand Content services for non-core, vendor-based activities in several areas: Business Research (Articles and News search, Company and Competitor Analysis, Market, Industry and Geographic trends, M&A support, Conceptual studies), Document Creation (PowerPoint and Word document creation, Brochure Prep, Job-Aids, Certificates, Graphic Designing, E-learning Modules, Creative Writing) and Analysis (Spreadsheet Support, Data Analysis, Reporting and Publishing, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Advanced Financial Analysis, Market Research).

Training & Communications

Our focus is on readying employees to handle new work practices and processes, to educate them on the reasons for change, and, in doing so, to build a solid base of organization-wide support. The larger goal is to ensure effective outcomes by facilitating consistency and continuity in the implementation of changes.


We enable companies to cost efficiently and effectively deliver key learning programs and marketing efforts. We do this by consolidating and integrating often fragmented non-core content activities across multiple locations and help standardize for brand consistency. We can provide end-to-end management of programming and content suppliers and through ESTA's deep analytics capabilities, help you to reduce spend with key vendors. To learn more visit our individual service pages.

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