ESTA's HR Services practice serves over a half-million employees working in a range of major industries and operating across multiple geographies. We have grown this capability by staying attuned to the current economic environment, and how globalization has markedly changed expectations for the HR function.

Our clients are expected to do more than ever with fewer resources, and at less cost, all without compromising on quality. As if that were not enough, emerging trends demand HR leaders focus strongly on strategic Talent Management initiatives. They cannot afford to be bogged down on administrative tasks and regularly look to us for further support in sharpening strategy formulations. The goal: Give HR leaders the freedom and insight to make optimal use of the human capital available to them on a global scale.


ESTA's comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the Human Resource function include Core HR Services, Talent Management and Workforce Analytics.

Core HR Services

ESTA's Core HR Services address core aspects of Workforce Administration, Payroll functions, and Benefits Administration. Workforce Administration covers all aspects of the employee lifecycle within an organization, from hiring to exit. We also provide technology solutions for data management. These include the building of employee/manager self-service and reporting capabilities. Payroll functions include all aspects of payroll such as pay data management, time and attendance, processing and accounting, and statutory reporting.

Talent Management

ESTA drives nurturing Human Capital via its Talent Management Services that focus on Recruitment Support, Learning & Development, and Employee Rewards. Recruitment Support includes activities from pre- and final- screening, interview management, Offer Management, and Data Management with reporting. Learning & Development includes activities on training-need identification, building course software and e-content, managing the learning path of employees and all other tasks of administrative and logistics. Reward efforts center on evaluating job profiles, benchmarking against industry standards, and building comprehensive reward packages to enhance performance.

Workforce Analytics

ESTA uses Workforce Analytics to give HR leaders better insights for making the right decisions. Our suite of offerings encompasses HR Information Services, Data Modeling, Survey Analytics, and Planning & Forecasting. Information Services consolidates client data through client legacy systems or by building new platforms to ensure seamless data reporting capabilities. Data Modeling works with client data sets, evaluating them for the ideal model to operate in various HR work streams. Survey Analytics assists clients in designing the ideal survey mechanism and evaluation of the results with recommendations. Planning & Forecasting assists in building forecasting models for better planning and enhanced productivity.


Our experts have partnered to provide cost savings, improve process efficiency, and deliver metric-driven and qualitative insights necessary for strategic decision-making. Read some of the Client Testimonials that laud our success in providing business impact to our clients in the respective services pages.

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