At ESTA we understand that customer service is not simply a byproduct of having customers, but rather the cornerstone to retention, loyalty and long term revenue growth. We combine our in depth operational knowledge of business process management with the right people to deliver customer care that exceeds your clients' expectations. With our innovative client analytics and reengineering capabilities, we assist in solving customer care issues at their core to understand your customer population. In addition, our automated solutions can help reduce incoming call volumes, reserving voice calls for high priority or complex services and delivering results that drive revenue and business growth.

Our Customer Care solutions can be customized and delivered from our worldwide delivery centers for the right combination of near-shore, onshore and offshore services. With our global presence and multilingual support, we provide customer care 24 hours a day, every day, while lowering operating costs, enhancing revenue opportunities and optimizing customer satisfaction. At ESTA, our goal is to provide high quality service that meets or exceeds customer expectations the very first time, every time.


We have been servicing client's customer contact center needs since 1998. Our process expertise extends from Acquisition & Sales to Technical & Product Support to managing Customer Care interactions.

Acquisition & Sales

Successful customer acquisition and sales begins with the right mix of people, analytics, and process management skills. At ESTA, this has been our core focus for more than 10 years. With our deep industry experience as a global provider of business process management and analytic solutions, we help identify new customers, assess risks, and ultimately create a strategy for comprehensive results with services that include customer acquisition strategy, lead generation, sales force effectiveness, campaign execution, market-mix modeling and sophisticated pricing models.

Technical & Product Support Services

With years of experience in this area, ESTA is a leading service provider in technical and product support. We offer a remote multi-channel, multi-lingual service enhanced by our history of Lean Six Sigma, analytics and cross functional operational experience. Our global product support desk receives, tracks, and solves end-customer issues, delivering year-on-year productivity that enhances customer satisfaction and reduces our clients' total cost of operations. This commitment to business impact ensures productivity improvements in technical support, contract management, logistics management, customer relationship management, business management, reporting and analytics.

Customer Care Services

ESTA focuses on improved Contact Center effectiveness to help global companies achieve true customer satisfaction. We do this by providing highly skilled associates with the right industry experience from delivery centers throughout the world. Through the right combination of near-shore, onshore and offshore solutions, we provide end-to-end support across the globe. Our extensive operational experience across multiple product and service lines places us at the forefront of customer service to deliver account management, general query management and a full range of online service support activities.


At ESTA, we work with clients to help balance the competing contact center business objectives of increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and revenue generation. We work to deliver both increased efficiency and true customer care effectiveness to help you and your business realize better business outcomes. Read about the impact we have generated for some of our Contact Center clients in the respective service pages.

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  • ESTA Technologies, a global leader in technology-enabled solutions, has announced its latest acquisition, which will further enhance its product line and give the company an ever larger presence in the cloud technology space.

    "Since our founding, ESTA has been at the forefront of addressing market trends," said Markson E. Ellison, ESTA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. "Today, more than ever, clients are seeking a partner who can bring strategy, technology and operations together to seamlessly deliver a truly transformative customer experience"