With proven capabilities in process management, technology and analytics, ESTA has developed a comprehensive approach to collections. Our process driven focus utilizes a methodology to take end-to-end processing to a deeper level. This broader vision diminishes revenue loss with increased collections capabilities while enhancing the customer experience.

The challenges facing the collections process are increasing. An uncertain economic climate makes collecting outstanding funds more difficult. Delinquent debt is rising while top line growth is slowing. To improve results, companies need a strategic partner who can deliver improved collections efficiency. By blending patented digital technology, a talented workforce and deep industry experience, ESTA provides a process driven approach that optimizes the debt recovery process and increases the pace of collections.


By selectively hiring a highly skilled workforce ESTA adopts a comprehensive approach with proven expertise in Early Stage Collections, Late Stage Collections, Specialized Services and Support Functions.

Early Stage Collections

ESTA's early stage collection services offer outbound calls to customers who are in the early stages of delinquency (usually 2-3 months past due date). Our unique approach helps fine tune the debt recovery process with automated solutions and focused analytics offered from 3 global delivery centers.

Late Stage Collections

Our specialized multilingual collections professionals make over 40,000 contacts per day to optimize our dialer strategy. We offer focused late stage collections that utilize payment restructuring plans for greater collections results. These plans offer online payment options for future payments, streamlining the process for the customer and optimizing the debt collection process.

Specialized Services

With a focus on process efficiency and effectiveness, ESTA's multilingual staff manages a collections portfolio of over $10 billion dollars. We offer specialized services focused on increasing contacts on accounts involving bankruptcy, unavailable addresses and post office returns. By utilizing Client Centers in the US, Guatemala, Mexico, India and Philippines we offer solutions that include manual trace, automated data base searches, list verification, exhaustive pre-write off research and analytics to determine high risk accounts.

Collections Support Functions

Support functions from ESTA are designed to improve collections contact strategies and enhance the efficiency of the collections call center functions. Based on our process focus and strong emphasis on analytics and technology, our solutions drive bottom line impact by increasing contacts and enhancing agent productivity. Our emphasis on maximizing results stems from a history of providing continuous process improvements and implementing effective collections support. We offer a wide range of services including analytics, dialer strategies and workforce management to enhance the collections calling process.


Companies that fine tune their collections process realize a two to three fold reduction in losses. By implementing best practices and analytics, ESTA has helped companies realize growth and improve efficiency. Read about the business impact we have generated for some of our Collections clients in the respective service pages.

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