ESTA Technologies understands your business and delivers market-specific services and solutions to help you achieve the competitive edge to grow your business.

ESTA has demonstrated success across all industries. We have developed integrated global solutions that respond to the needs of hundreds of clients and millions of their customers. By fostering a collaborative environment, ESTA can design, implement, and manage critical industry-specific business processes for innovative companies. We help them improve their customers' experiences, expand their strategic capabilities, and increase their operating efficiencies.


ESTA Technologies enables technology to improve processes to reduce costs and enhance quality. Our Business Intelligence platform consistently provides actionable insights into customer behavior to acquire, manage and retain customer relationships.


The rate of innovation in the technology industry is staggering. Savvy customers are demanding faster speeds, more features, and intelligent software. It is no surprise that the technology industry has moved beyond just providing tech support to their customers. Today, customer relations can involve Customized ecommerce sites, Multi-touch e-mail campaigns, Cloud-based information delivery and storage, and Multichannel support through voice, e-mail, chat, SMS text, and social media.

  • • Enhance customer experience by offering customized solutions and services

    • Expand customer base with multi-channel services and in-depth analytics

    • Ensure quality service remains a key driver of overall business performance

  • By reaching out to customers through new media and social communities, companies are discovering powerful ways to grow their brand share. ESTA's solutions provide the integrated customer care and sales practices that technology companies use to acquire, retain, and grow customers. These practices will ultimately lead to greater customer loyalty, reduced risks, and increased revenues.

    Whatever your business, we understand how relationships with your customers drive business performance. Our market-specific services leverage this insight to deliver significant process improvements, actionable business intelligence, cost management and growth.

  • Forward-looking organizations closely examine their back-office structure to reduce costs, streamline operations & increase revenues. ESTA's solutions help clients reach their targets quickly and cost-effectively by implementing solutions tailored to meet their needs and help make their ambitious goals reality. ESTA's Enterprise Innovation solutions offer the expertise to deliver a back office that's as strong as the front office. We offer exceptional capabilities in:

  • Order & Contract Management

    Financial Planning & Analysis

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Benefits Administration

    Expense Control Management