ESTA provides wide variety of services to multiple multi-billion dollar manufacturing clients, including major global engineering, aerospace and industrial companies. Our success in establishing and growing relationships in this space can be attributed to the more than 1,000 ESTA associates who exceed the expectations of our manufacturing client base worldwide.


Our clients partner with us in areas such as order-to-cash, source-to-pay, inventory optimization and operations planning, sales and marketing, post-sales order management, after market services and HR. Utilizing our high-end analytic capabilities, financial planning, IT products, reengineering, and more, we partner closely with them to identify emerging opportunities within their business cycles and add value in unique ways.

Process Optimization

We are pioneers in business process management with a philosophy that centers on Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.

Supply Chain Management

We offer clients end to end supply chain management services in areas of sourcing and procurement, inventory management and demand forecasting and after market services.

Process Reengineering

Our expert team analyzes customer data and work practices. We then leverage the findings to fundamentally alter and dramatically improve everything from cycle times to inventory, to resource requirements, working capital, and more.

Technology Solutions

We can design and implement ERP solutions, provide IT Infrastructure management and Help Desk support, even help with content management.

To learn more about how ESTA can help your business grow, browse through the entire portfolio of the Solutions We Offer.

  • Process Optimization

    Supply Chain Management

    Process Reengineering

    Technology Solutions

    Infrastructure Management

  • Forward-looking organizations closely examine their back-office structure to reduce costs, streamline operations & increase revenues. ESTA's solutions help clients reach their targets quickly and cost-effectively by implementing solutions tailored to meet their needs and help make their ambitious goals reality. ESTA's Enterprise Innovation solutions offer the expertise to deliver a back office that's as strong as the front office. We offer exceptional capabilities in:

  • Order & Contract Management

    Financial Planning & Analysis

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Benefits Administration

    Expense Control Management