ESTA is a seasoned service provider to the players of the Hi-Tech & Electronics industry with a marquee list of clients that are into manufacturing computer hardware and servers to consumer electronics as well as providers of software, web and network solutions.

In a market fraught with decline in consumer spending, stiff competition resulting in a race to evolve with hi-tech products that entail considerable investments in research and development, there still exist considerable opportunities for growth—for example, via demand of newer technologies, or growth in emerging markets. ESTA's services and integrated solutions help companies free-up internal resources for focusing on key issues that drive growth and long-term sustenance.


ESTA's suite of services—with focused IT Solutions coupled with insightful Analytics and Reengineering using the process prowess of Lean and Six Sigma—provide a host of offerings to optimize a company's supply chain, improve cash flows, and contain costs.

Our deep domain knowledge and experience in the field of Hi-Tech & Electronics enables us to provide a gamut of Finance & Accounting solutions from Order-to-Cash to General Accounting; a host of Procurement & Supply Chain services to integrate Sourcing & Procurement and manage Logistics, manage inventory and indirect spend, provide accurate demand forecasting via Forecasting Analytics; as well as implement enterprise-wide ERP Solutions.

In addition to these offerings, ESTA also provides Software solutions, IT Infrastructure management and Help Desk support, and Content Management with web solutions and design. Browse through our entire Services portfolio.

  • Analytics and Reengineering

    Finance & Accounting

    Procurement & Supply Chain

    Forecasting Analytics

    ERP Solutions

    Software solutions

    IT Infrastructure

    Help Desk Support

    Content Management

    Web Solutions & Design

  • Forward-looking organizations closely examine their back-office structure to reduce costs, streamline operations & increase revenues. ESTA's solutions help clients reach their targets quickly and cost-effectively by implementing solutions tailored to meet their needs and help make their ambitious goals reality. ESTA's Enterprise Innovation solutions offer the expertise to deliver a back office that's as strong as the front office. We offer exceptional capabilities in:

  • Order & Contract Management

    Financial Planning & Analysis

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Benefits Administration

    Expense Control Management