The roots of a company influence its direction. If you want to see what a company can do for your future, look to its past. ESTA's roots have been solidly planted in the heritage of the ESTA startup. Beginning in 1997 providing business-process management solutions, ESTA has evolved into an independent service provider with a unique end-to-end approach. While our ability to provide business process management solutions has expanded, it is still our deeply rooted heritage that influences our methods, inspires our services, and keeps us focused on the challenges of tomorrow.

ESTA Technologies takes a comprehensive, pragmatic and process driven approach to the design and delivery of client solutions. This is enabled by being one of the largest global analytics and market research services organizations having the single largest pool of dedicated Lean Six Sigma experts in reengineering with strong IT/technology capabilities focused on an ROI driven approach. We take an end-to-end view of a client's process, working up and down stream, often beyond the scope of the engagement, to maximize value for the client and deliver beyond contractual obligations. Our goal is to tangibly impact the balance sheet of our clients through superior business process management.


From origination to customer service to collections, our retail solutions emphasize standardization by driving operating efficiencies and increasing business process effectiveness. With end-to-end domain expertise in Cards Services, Payments, Lending and Deposits, we deliver significant value to clients. Learn more about our approach and services.


ESTA uses its domain expertise and analytics capabilities to support the entire commercial banking value chain across industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Franchise Finance, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft, and Real Estate. With advanced analytical tools and methodologies as well as Lean Six Sigma rigor in project execution, we deliver insightful analyses in a cost-effective manner. Learn more about our approach and services.


ESTA provides investment-banking services that go beyond backroom operations. We use process management to drive such front-end results as revenue generation and profitability. This concentration on process provides the right combination of people, analytics and technology to generate true business outcomes. Learn more about our approach and services.


The securities team provides operational support to clients in all activities ranging from originations and settlements, to customer transfers, reconciliation, research, analysis and reporting. The ESTA team consists of analysts with rich and diverse experience in financial services having professional qualifications in finance and accounting with relevant certifications in the banking and financial services domain. Learn more about our approach and services.


ESTA's Mortgage Services combines analytics and IT expertise with process excellence to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Solutions include services to support Sales, Processing, Underwriting, Closing and Funding, Post Close/QC and Servicing. Learn more about our approach and services.

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  • Forward-looking organizations closely examine their back-office structure to reduce costs, streamline operations & increase revenues. ESTA's solutions help clients reach their targets quickly and cost-effectively by implementing solutions tailored to meet their needs and help make their ambitious goals reality. ESTA's Enterprise Innovation solutions offer the expertise to deliver a back office that's as strong as the front office. We offer exceptional capabilities in:

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