A History of Innovation that has Defined an Industry

    ESTA Technologies was an early mover in the industry and is a pioneer in many of the areas that have given strength to Business Process Management and the globalization of services. These key methodologies, business initiatives, and practices have been emulated by many others in the industry and around the globe. We believe our constant focus on innovation enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve and continuously benefit from what is new in process management.

    ESTA has a unique heritage, which has contributed to our deep understanding of process. We began in 1997 as a business unit, building the Company from the ground up. Our charter was to provide business process services to startup businesses, with the goal of enabling outstanding efficiencies. During the eight years that followed, we earned the opportunity to manage a wide range of processes from the simple to complex, operating across various financial-services and manufacturing businesses. Since then we have grown rapidly, expanding our range of services and diversifying our client base.

    Our Growth Story Since 1997
    2010 - Introduce Scientific and Highly Granular Approach to Process Management

    ESTA raised the industry bar with the introduction of the Smart Enterprise Processes process methodology. With its introduction, ESTA understand and deliver the value of driving process effectiveness (in addition to efficiency) and focusing on business outcomes (in addition to transactional outcomes). Smart Enterprise Processes process brings science and repeatability to business process management.

    2009 - Introduce an Expert Community to Serve the Needs of Process – SolutionXchange

    Understanding the virtues of the new social community paradigm, ESTA now apply it to the business process world. The introduction of SolutionXchange, a virtual expertise community, enables ESTA and clients to benefit from a virtual community of domain expertise to solve specific business challenges.

    2008 - Introduce a One Button, One Stop Employee Information System

    The Super Assist tool is a unique one stop, one button access capability to support supervisors in their management of employees. This enables today's busy supervisors and managers access to critical employee management data, leading to higher employee sat and lower attrition.

    2007 - Global Delivery in Market Risk Analytics

    Understanding the business of one's market is key to long term success and growth. ESTA offer a global delivery capability for Market Risk Analytics enabling companies to take greater advantage of this important information.

    2006 - Leverage Sophisticated Attrition Reporting & Analysis Tool

    People are the life blood of any services company. To better understand the attrition patterns of these critical resources, ESTA introduced a unique online system for advance attrition reporting and analysis.

    2005 - Introduce Virtual CaptiveSM Model

    ESTA started to offer a hybrid solution to clients, giving them the benefits of the well understood captive services model as well as the benefits of working through a third party.

    2005 - Global Delivery in Corporate/Wholesale Bank for Financial Modeling/ Underwriting

    With a strong history in the Financial Services industry, ESTA offer a financial modeling/underwriting solution in a global model.

    2004 - Complete Process Lifecycle Capability in Leasing and Commercial Lending

    ESTA was an early successor in the philosophy of end-to-end process capabilities. ESTA offer such a capability for a leasing and commercial lending transaction, offering: lead generation, risk underwriting, booking and funding, servicing, collections, billing and cash application, accounting and reconciliation, end of term remarketing and analytics around every stage.

    2004 - Focus on Call Center Staffing Optimization

    ESTA is a successor in the Business Process Management industry to drive optimal call center staffing levels relative to call volumes. This resulted in increased agent satisfaction and improved customer service.

    2003 - Apply Six Sigma to Solve Employee Issues

    ESTA is a successor in the Business Process Management industry to leverage Six Sigma to solve employee issues that result in turnover. This tool among others has helped ESTA maintain an industry low attrition rate.

    2002 - Global Delivery in Consumer Risk Management Strategies

    Understanding consumers and the inherent risk related to their accounts can be key to running a business. Understanding this, ESTA introduced a global delivery capability for consumer risk management strategies.

    2002 - Set Up Services in Eastern Europe to Serve Western European Clients (Hungary)

    ESTA has always had an eye for skill and language talent. Seeing the opportunity to meet the expanding needs of Western European clients, ESTA made a bold move in 2002 to set up shop in Eastern Europe.

    2001 - Global Delivery in Treasury Back Office

    ESTA recognized the value of Treasury services and the value of providing a global delivery model. ESTA started to provide this as a standard offer.

    2001 - Global Delivery in Catastrophe Risk Management Services

    Analytics play a key role in predicting catastrophic outcomes. A premier provider in global analytic services, ESTA started to provide global delivery in catastrophe risk management.

    2001 - Global Delivery in Insurance Actuarial

    Actuarial services are a natural for global delivery, enabling Insurance vendors to focus on how they grow their business. Recognizing this, ESTA started to provide global deliver in Insurance Actuarial.

    2001 - Initiate KPO Work

    While the industry didn't start calling it "KPO" until 2006, ESTA started early on doing the high end work that is now referred to as Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services e.g. reporting, book closing, actuarial, underwriting, analytics etc. ESTA was an early driver in building this space.

    2000 - Global Delivery in Consumer Risk Modeling

    ESTA has always looked for ways to optimize process solutions versus simply focusing on providing efficiency. Providing global delivery in consumer risk modeling, ESTA was able to provide greater value in its financial services solutions.

    2000 - Global Delivery in Insurance Claims Processing

    An early mover in the Insurance industry, ESTA started to afford insurance companies an efficient solution to claims processing by leveraging global resources.

    2000 - Global Delivery in Database Marketing Solutions

    Based on the needs of a key financial services account, ESTA had early exposure to the role of database marketing and provide global delivery in database marketing solutions.

    1999 - Global Delivery in Predictive Scoring Solutions

    ESTA started global services to focus on analytics as a part of greater process solutions. As such, the company offer predictive scoring solutions.

    1999 - Set Up Services in China to Serve Japan, North Asia and China

    ESTA worked early on to expand its global footprint and thereby its language capabilities and talent pool. ESTA's entry into China enabled the Company to better serve clients in Japan, North Asia and China.

    1999 - Expand to a Tier 2 City to Support Voice and Transactional Work

    ESTA was an early innovator in driving a Smart Location Strategy. This approach includes adopting Tier 2 cities to expand the talent pool and maintain pricing advantages for our clients. Other attributes of the approach include striving to be a mover in key locations to corner the talent pool and set industry standards and applying a common methodology to set up and run our operations worldwide to achieve seamless delivery and a singular service culture.

    1998 - Global Delivery in Mortgage Underwriting

    ESTA saw the value of global services in the mortgage industry and to provide a solution for mortgage underwriting.

    1997 - Develop Transitions Toolkit

    Recognizing the criticality of process transitions to the success of a client, ESTA standardized the approach to process transitions through an innovative Transitions Toolkit. This set a standard in the industry, ESTA's Toolkit being emulated by many.

    1997 - Six Sigma Center in Headquarters

    Owing much to its heritage relative to Six Sigma, ESTA became a full fledge Six Sigma shared services center in UK Headquarters.

    1997 - Introduce Six Sigma for Process Transitions

    ESTA leveraged the power of Six Sigma for Process Transitions. This has enabled our clients to realize far greater process performance gains in addition to smoother transitions. ESTA's unique Six Sigma oriented DNA stems back to our heritage of Six Sigma beta sites.

    1997 - Support Broad Portfolio of Business Processes

    ESTA as a business process management operator started to support a broad range of business processes. This has contributed to the depth of process knowledge and insights that the Company offers its clients today. It also provided an early understanding to the inter-linkages between distinct processes in a company, contributing to ESTA's belief in taking an enterprise-wide view to Business Process Management.