ESTA's culture is uniquely ingrained in Lean Six Sigma, the capability having been driven through the entire organization and leveraged in all we do in a highly visible manner.


ESTA Technologies is proud of its heritage of Lean Six Sigma—it is the way we work, a part of our DNA! Lean Six Sigma is a tool, a methodology for quality improvement that has been around for many years. So the difference is not the tool but how a company embraces it and puts it to work.

As an integrated business support, we were an initial beta site under Jack Welch, who became known worldwide as a leading proponent of Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma was common in manufacturing but ESTA was an early innovator in its application to services and made this a tremendous success.

  • • Over 2,000 staff including client site with Six Sigma green-belt training

    • Over 500 employees with Six Sigma black-belt training

    • Over 4,800 Lean-trained employees including client site

    • Over 53% of top leadership Lean Six Sigma certified


    There are two types of companies when it comes to embracing Six Sigma. Those where it is simply a function and others where Lean Six Sigma is driven through the organization, which is clearly true for ESTA Technologies. It permeates what we do and is highly visible in our operations, our people processes, and our leadership direction.

    Clients routinely comment on our bench strength and the caliber and experience of our teams. We take a different approach to client engagements. We go beyond the scope of the contract to take a comprehensive upstream/downstream view, which extends our impact on the client's business.

    We see our job as "destroying" our own revenue by being proactive in driving further efficiency gains and working with clients to reengineer processes end-to-end. We understand that a short term loss will lead to a longer term gain, as our strategic partnership grows.

    We work to tightly integrate with our clients operations, creating a seamless process environment. The teams adopt the mindset that this is about the client's business, not ours. Certainly, a culturally ingrained hard-to-replicate DNA of ESTA Technologies.