ESTA cares for the community. Caring@ESTATechnologies, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, aims to mesh our social and environmental principles into our operational fabric. We have institutionalized a culture of giving among our employees through a number of global platforms and programs, like payroll giving and volunteerism. We provide our employees with a single community engagement interface to volunteer for community service events, including those related to the elderly, the differently-abled and children.

Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen

At ESTA, giving is a way of life. ESTA empowers its employees to give back to the communities where they live and work. Key themes are Environmental Conservation, Diversity in Workforce, community impact programs such as ESTA Volunteers, Employee Payroll Donations, Disaster Relief, Social Investments, and Recycling Used IT Equipment.

Environmental Conservation and Green Initiatives

ESTA is committed to achieve excellence in safe and environmentally-friendly work practices by keeping in mind employees' interest as well as those of the planet at large. ESTA has a global consolidated Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) policy signed by our CEO, Markson E. Elliston, and displayed across every location. To remain in alignment with our legal policy, we have renamed it as ESTA SWE (Safe Work Environment) policy.

Some of the key highlights of this program are:

• ESTA Technologies has attained ISO 14001 for all its Workplace in United Kingdom, China and Phillipines

• ESTA Technologies ensure 100 percent compliance to all established regulatory standards for air pollution, noise pollution, effluent quality, among others

• ESTA Technologies have set own internal objectives and targets on specific environmental standards as per the requirement of ISO-14001

• ESTA Technologies control infrastructure exposures through internal EHS standards relevant to our operation

• ESTA Technologies have engaged a consulting organization to work with us on mapping our Carbon footprint and identify opportunity areas for reduction

• ESTA Technologies have decided to adopt the Green Buildings design strategies for all our newly constructed owned sites

• ESTA Technologies have invested in latest technologies to improve our power efficiency and minimize environmental releases

• ESTA Technologies carry out ongoing campaigns to recycle, reduce waste, and conserve energy

Diversity in Workforce

Women comprise 40 percent of workforce at ESTA—a figure we are very proud of. We are also focused on hiring people with disabilities into our operations, engaged with different operations and functions ranging from accounting, insurance, and customer care to hiring and HR shared services. Some of our visually-impaired employees have been with us for years and have grown from an associate level to middle management positions, handling different roles and responsibilities and even leading teams.

Quick Facts

More than 2,000 registered volunteers drive the ESTA Employee Volunteering program through 115+ community service events. Here is a snapshot of the generated local community impact:

• More than 2000 employees across United Kingdom, China and Philippines are cumulatively donating USD $95,000 a year through the Payroll Giving program to the causes of education and health

• Imparted our trial and tested soft skill and communication skill training to 40 colleges and 100 teachers in multiple locations

• In 2009 we saw 8 percent of our global employees volunteering 7hours a year to the causes of education and disabled

• Donated more than US$92,000 to various healthcare, employability and disaster relief programs

• ESTA Donated over 300 systems to educational outfits and non-profit organizations, 1000 were sent for e-waste