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  • "Working for ESTA is a fun, lively, challenging and rewarding experience. There is great team spirit throughout the whole business and a relaxed, productive atmosphere"

    Reward & recognition is extremely important in ESTA – your ideas and your feedback are actively encouraged & promoted. The annual 'ESTAite' awards showcases & celebrates ESTA's talent and is a great night out for the whole team!

    We provide a clear path to career development in ESTA and offer support, advice and coaching every step of the way.

ESTA is committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. We provide our people with multiple opportunities to enroll for world-class leadership development programs and also encourage cross-functional movement to gain meaningful experience and exposure. Performance management is a critical area for ESTA and we invest in planning each employee's career and aligning their goals with larger organizational goals. When every goal an employee is appraised on is linked to a bigger organizational goal, accountability and ownership gets driven on the job every single day.

Training & Development

It is important to equip our employees with the right tools and skills in order to facilitate continuous improvement and to help them build domain expertise. ESTA has created a robust training mechanism and has over 5,000 learning modules, world-class training facilities, some of the best trainers in the business and strategic partnerships to further bolster our training mechanism.

Learn While You Earn

Our Education@Work program provides employees the option to learn while they earn with professional courses from globally recognized as well as premier educational institutions and get certified in their specific work areas. There is a clear demarcation between generic courses and domain expertise courses under these programs. Classes are held within the office premises and are organized around employee work schedules.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a key priority on our people agenda. It is our belief that with the right platform and encouragement, high-potential employees can be groomed into influential leaders, who will lead us to success in the future.

Our Leadership Curriculum includes several development programs designed to broaden leadership skills and business acumen. These are focused towards developing middle managers for Leadership roles through an 18-month structured program and help cultivate operational and technical depth in our employees and include job rotations across businesses, functions and regions, as well as classroom training and senior leadership interactions.

We also offer executive education programs for employees, focused on strategy, customer focus, leadership, talent management, execution, finance and commercial skills.

Each of these programs is a critical part of our investment in our people to bring out their best. This provides the foundation for building our leadership gene pool.

Maricel Janice

Front Line Manager, Operations Phillippines - "Working with ESTA has given me boundless opportunities and benefits which my family and myself now enjoy. Now, I no longer have to work away from my home, my family and friends I love."

Karen Jane

Process Associate, Mortgage Services, UK - "At ESTA, I have been given many opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge. I have received training in Accounting, Human Resources, and Operations. It has been very refreshing to work for a company that cares so much about the growth and retention of its employees."