ESTA Solutions is a leading consultant service provider with over 20 years of industry experience in delivering quality-driven contact center and services. We analyze these services against multiple performance benchmarks and continuously seek to improve them at each level. With our services, clients have witnessed significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Customer support is a key differentiator in the fast paced customer service industry. Today, customers want more than just service. They want quick resolution to problems and an enhanced support experience. In order to cater to growing number of tech-savvy users, you need to provide support through customer-preferred modes of communication.

At ESTA, we understand the importance of each customer interaction and effective problem resolution. We enhance customer experience from first contact to final resolution by serving customers through prompt, accurate and complete responses. Our operations leverage a full range of contact center technologies, such as client/media interactions, data management and analysis, infrastructure and security, including automated solutions, such as IVR and automatic email handling, to facilitate differentiated customer contact handling.

ESTA Technologies understands the importance of delivering cost-effective, world-class technical support. ESTA's solutions support is an easy and efficient way for our clients to maximize their technology investments

    Positive interactions strengthen your brand and cement loyalty. Perhaps more than any other factors, customer relationships have the power to drive results. Enhance productivity. Increase profitability. Generate strategic advantage.

  • ESTA Technologies, a global leader in technology-enabled solutions, has announced its latest acquisition, which will further enhance its product line and give the company an ever larger presence in the cloud technology space.

    "Since our founding, ESTA has been at the forefront of addressing market trends," said Markson E. Ellison, ESTA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. "Today, more than ever, clients are seeking a partner who can bring strategy, technology and operations together to seamlessly deliver a truly transformative customer experience"