ESTA's suite of highly effective CRM solutions automate customer touch points and provide valuable insight into customer data. We help execute your customer acquisition, support and retention programs with greater efficiency and effectiveness and possess the knowledge, technology, tools and people to ensure your success.


ESTA CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a new breed of best-in-class CRM product that delivers proactive customer-centric service and marketing, powerful sales management with next generation shopping and ordering, through a unique, industry dedicated CRM that redefines price to value for global communications and utilities businesses compared to other generalized CRM offerings. ESTA CRM is pre-integrated with the ESTA Rating & Billing Manager and industry pre-configured to improve billing and CRM business processes, customer relationship marketing and time-to-market for new revenue-generating services. ESTA CRM provides a modular business CRM system that optimizes the entire customer experience, across all touch points, transforming service into sales.

Proactive Customer Centric Service & Marketing

Transform your customer service into a strategic asset with ESTA CRM service solutions. With a 360-degree view of the customer, your agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advanced customer relationship management system. Through specialized automating processes, you can help ensure consistent customer service and marketing is delivered across all touch points.

Powerful Sales Management with Next Generation Shopping & Ordering

ESTA CRM streamlines and automates your sales business process, providing a single view of the customer to help deliver a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, combined with shopping and order capture process to drive consistent success across all sales and service channels, transforming agents into power sellers.

Industry Dedicated CRM that redefines price-to-value

ESTA CRM is a flexible, easy to use customer relationship management system that improves customer lifecycle management and is engineered to fit communications and utilities businesses. Built on a true product model and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, ESTA CRM out-of-the-box significantly reduces the cost and on-going effort communication and utilities service providers typically experience with business CRM software -- specifically in the areas of CRM implementation, licensing, integration, support/maintenance, testing and upgrades.

  • Rating and Billing Manager

    Product Control Manager

    Active Mediation

    Collections Manager

    Service Fulfillment Manager

    Service Activation Manager

    Customer Care Manager

    Inventory Manager

    ICOMS Cable Solution

    Real-time Convergent Solution

    Shopping & Ordering Solution

    Dynamic Decisioning Solution

  • ESTA Technologies, a global leader in technology-enabled solutions, has announced its latest acquisition, which will further enhance its product line and give the company an ever larger presence in the cloud technology space.

    "Since our founding, ESTA has been at the forefront of addressing market trends," said Markson E. Ellison, ESTA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. "Today, more than ever, clients are seeking a partner who can bring strategy, technology and operations together to seamlessly deliver a truly transformative customer experience"