ESTA's marketing campaign management platform enables organizations to plan, develop and execute more effective marketing programs. Campaigns are cost-effectively conducted through multiple inbound and outbound touch points such as email, voice, and SMS. Target your marketing focus based on customer needs and behavior through ESTA's comprehensive business intelligence platform and maximize your ROI today.

ESTA' Service Fulfillment Manager Smart App helps orchestrate and manage order-handling activities for all services. Highly flexible, it accepts product orders from a variety of sources - CSR GUIs, upstream CRM applications, EAI interfaces or self-care portals - then tracks them through to order completion. Focusing on services order management, ESTA prides itself on providing both configurable and customizable support that meets the needs of a company's order-to-cash process. Knowing that businesses' unique telecom order management systems infrastructure requires flexibility and speed-to-market, ESTA provides a reliable product and order management solution to drive the best experience for customers.

ESTA' Shopping and Ordering Solution can help. As a shopping and order management system, it enables service providers to manage the complexities of the shopping and order capture process for convergent services.

  • • Execute customized marketing programs for specific market segments

    • Design rich graphical content and web forms

    • Reduce program costs while extending reach through multiple touch points

    • Respond fast to customer and program trends through real-time analytics


    ESTA's customized order entry services help streamline the entire order management lifecycle. Our automated workflow and experienced agents close the order process quickly to reduce process turn around time.

    The Customer Care Manager Solution helps companies to stand out from the competition by delivering products and services through any channel a customer chooses - without order fallout. This offer provides built-in support for a full range of services and manages the entire order process for a more consistent customer experience. Deliver strong order and subscriber management capabilities and seamless customer care management through a unified front end system.

  • Rating and Billing Manager

    Product Control Manager

    Active Mediation

    Collections Manager

    Service Fulfillment Manager

    Service Activation Manager

    Customer Care Manager

    Inventory Manager

    ICOMS Cable Solution

    Real-time Convergent Solution

    Shopping & Ordering Solution

    Dynamic Decisioning Solution

  • ESTA Technologies, a global leader in technology-enabled solutions, has announced its latest acquisition, which will further enhance its product line and give the company an ever larger presence in the cloud technology space.

    "Since our founding, ESTA has been at the forefront of addressing market trends," said Markson E. Ellison, ESTA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. "Today, more than ever, clients are seeking a partner who can bring strategy, technology and operations together to seamlessly deliver a truly transformative customer experience"