In today's economic environment, reducing costs and delivering new revenue streams is imperative for business longevity.

Intervoice Media Exchange with HomeZone is a highly flexible, IP-based multimedia enhanced services framework that actually delivers on the promise of being open, extensible, and modular. Media Exchange provides a robust suite of applications - including next generation voicemail, videomail, Voice SMS, Voice to MMS and a growing selection of enhanced services - designed to work individually or in combination.

Intervoice Media Exchange is a rich and flexible application delivery framework, designed specifically for mobile and fixed line network operators. It supports multiple interfaces, allowing you to seamlessly transition from IN to SIP to IMS, or to support multiple technologies simultaneously as the network evolves. You can enjoy all of the infrastructure management, integration, and content metering capabilities of Media Exchange, and reduce cost and time-to-market with new, enhanced services and features. Explore Our Network Products.

• Messaging and Call Completion

• Network IVR Consolidation