Intervoice Network IVR is a powerful, carrier-grade IVR, designed to enable the rapid development of new revenue-generating voice and video services. Network IVR provides a robust solution that reflects ESTA' decades of leadership in IVR technologies. And it combines the traditional benefits of a ESTA system - proven reliability and open, interoperable standards.

The Current State of IVRs

Network service providers need IVRs for a variety of mission critical, customer-facing services, such as call centers, billing, and information. In many cases, these systems are running as siloed applications, using dated operating systems, and on hardware and software that is many years old. In addition, these systems are often running at either higher capacity than designed— leading to a loss of revenue—or running underutilized and wasting resources.

In the past, IVR vendors sold customers systems based on proprietary languages, which require customers to rely on a single source for their maintenance, integration, and upgrades. The emergence of global standards such as Linux, VoiceXML (VXML), and Call Control XML (CCXML) enable operators to have increased confidence in the reliability of their operations and broaden their ability to integrate more than one vendors' application in their networks.

Migration Options

Migrating to new IVRs can be a daunting task, but ESTA' highly flexible Network IVR solution provides many options for bringing your applications together. Although moving all your applications at once may be ideal, it's not always practical. Network IVR includes the capability of using an intelligent switch in front of your existing applications. Using this solution allows you to initially migrate some of your critical applications and gradually migrate the others over a period of time. This capability enables IVR activity to be more closely monitored, presents a simplified access point to subscribers, and has a ready-made system to host new applications.

Network IVR for Media Exchange

Seeing the need for IVR consolidation, ESTA, a leader and visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for 2005 and 2006 in the field of IVR systems, created Intervoice Network IVR for Media Exchange. Network IVR is a secure carrier-grade system that supports both current and next-generation protocols, architectures, and services in the delivery of communication, information, and entertainment services to end users. Network IVR provides a robust solution that reflects ESTA' decades-long leadership in IVR technologies. And it combines the traditional benefi ts of a ESTA system—proven reliability and open, interoperable standards.

Media Exchange with HomeZone

A key advantage of Intervoice Network IVR is its underlying platform, Intervoice's Media Exchange with HomeZone. Media Exchange's architecture is designed to support the rapid integration of new features and services. The innovative Media Exchange platform uses state control functionality to enable Media Exchange's patent-pending HomeZone, which allows subscribers to access applications, manage personal preferences, and customize their communications experience—all with single-session convenience.