Do your customers demand anywhere access to content and services of their choice? We can help.

    Extensive Solutions That Work Individually or In Combination

    At ESTA, the modular architecture of our Messaging and Call Completion Solution is designed so that each component works independently. It can also be shared across the entire platform. This flexibility delivers a friendlier user experience, increasing the adoption of next-generation services. Our Portfolio of Products Includes:


    Each customer is different and demands services to meet their own voicemail needs. Voicemail MX offers a broad suite of text, voice and Web-based messaging capabilities such as traditional voicemail, e-mail and faxmail, as well as text-to-speech reading and integrated multimedia messaging.

    Plus, Voicemail has been designed for easy integration with your other service offerings:

  • • Provides an application-driven approach to voice messaging

    • Allows implementation of advanced voice-messaging services

    • Enables optimum flexibility when deploying future services

  • Video Services

    In today's hyper-connected world, friends want to share experiences, images and ideas; while businesses often need to communicate more than straight text and pictures. Video meets this need and is recognized as one of the most exciting and profitable mobile applications.

    With Video Services, such as Video Mail, you can claim your share of the mobile video market and its associated revenues. We can help you equip your networks to deliver the video capabilities consumers demand.

    Short Message Service Center

    Short Message Service Center (SMSC) is a highly scalable, reliable, network-grade SMSC that supports peer to peer, notification, and premium-rate SMS services.

    Our SMSC provides:

  • • An effective solution for cost-sensitive markets

    • Single box entry level with clear migration to larger configurations

    • Successful text message delivery in challenging environments

    • Multi-application deployment options with our voice messaging solutions

    • Ability to tailor a specific solution to each customer's needs

    • Flexibility to integrate with customer's equipment

    • Short message router capabilities

  • Missed Call Alert

    Missed Call Alert enables you to send your non-voicemail subscribers an SMS notification of missed calls with calling number and time of call. This flexible solution can be provided:

  • • As a component of a total call completion offering

    • As a standalone application in markets where voicemail is not appropriate

    • To compliment an existing voicemail service

  • Missed Call Alert stimulates call return revenues and associated network traffic.

    Voice SMS

    Voice SMS works like traditional short message service within a network, except instead of sending text, subscribers send and receive voice messages.

    The simple push button solution works over 2G, 2.5G and 3G handsets , across various networks, and has built-in capabilities that ensure a cost-effective solution that:

  • • Brings SMS capability to new markets and individuals

    • Requires limited subscriber training

    • Enables fast rollout and provisioning

    • Increases pool of potential subscribers and revenues

  • Voice to MMS

    Voice to MMS (V2MMS) is a visual voicemail service that delivers voice messages straight to subscriber's handsets. It provides an enhanced customer experience, allows better management of voicemail infrastructure, and can help develop new ways to generate revenue. Compared to traditional voicemail, V2MMS:

  • • Needs fewer mailbox licenses

    • Requires fewer servers

    • Increases usage of often under-utilized MMSCs