Proactive personalization with your customers delivers loyalty, retention and increased revenues. Let us show you how.

    Intelligent Automation Improves Customer Relationships

    Proactive, personalized interactions not only improve the customer relationship, but also reduce the cost-to-serve each client. Leveraging IVR personalization via our Intelligent Automation products enables cost-effective, consistent customer interactions and delivers quick-to-market product developments. This highly configurable and comprehensive solution:

  • • Centralizes and simplifies business policy management

    • Drives consistent customer experiences across all channels

    • Delivers real-time services, sales and retention actions

    • Leverages existing IT investments

  • Superior customer experiences help build customer loyalty, expanding and extending customer value through higher purchase levels and longer customer relationships. But with the proliferation of customer contact channels—retail locations, kiosks, the Web site, IVR and contact center agents, set-top boxes and hand-held devices—delivering a consistently superior experience grounded in customer transactions and value is more challenging than ever.

    Isolated solutions exist for individual channels, but they introduce as many problems as they solve, complicating the task of maintaining common business policies across the enterprise that truly deliver a consistent customer experience. Despite significant investments and timeconsuming deployments, your customers still don't feel as if you know them.

    A real-time solution for every customer experience, across every contact channel

    The ESTA Dynamic Decisioning Solution is a highly scalable enterprise-wide policy management solution that improves the customer experience by optimizing and adapting to changing customer dynamics in real time at the point of interaction—regardless of where and how the interaction takes place.

    Simplifies and centralizes policy management

    ESTA has incorporated throughout Dynamic Decisioning Solution the operational expertise gained through handling more than one billion customer interactions every year. Dynamic Decisioning Solution greatly simplifies the management of customer-facing business rules, centralizing them in a single solution that helps drive consistent customer experiences across all contact channels. And the business policies that guide operations are easily updated by business and marketing analysts through a user-friendly interface that does not require IT intervention.