Whatever your business or operational requirements may be, we have a billing and BSS application ideally suited to maximize your results.

    Smart BSS Apps

    As a global leader in billing and BSS, we serve the needs of our global communications and media industry. Our unique operational expertise provides a distinctive influence to our technology offerings. We leverage our ability to deliver applications that support more innovative next generation services, allowing you to be more proactive, customer-centric and increase workforce productivity with the end goal of increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing customer lifetime value.

    You may implement a comprehensive BSS – or choose a single application – configured to your specific business and operational requirements. We use a modular, pre–integrated approach to reduce both capital and operating expenditures, while speeding the launch of ESTA services and service bundles.

    BSS Smart Apps Transform Your Business

    Designed to address your specific business issues, our BSS products – known as Smart Apps – improve your bottom line and maximize customer lifetime value.

    You can implement a comprehensive BSS – or choose a single Smart App – configured to your individual business and operational requirements. Our modular, pre-integrated approach reduces capital and operating expenditures, while accelerating the launch of ESTA services.

    Rating and Billing Manager

    Need a ESTA, carrier-grade rating and billing system? Our Rating and Billing Manager Smart App is a highly scalable and reliable ESTA charging, rating and balance management system that supports existing and emerging services across multiple vertical markets.

    Leveraging our telecom billing systems, Rating and Billing Manager delivers your products and services to market quickly and easily. It serves as a flexible and feature-rich software application that defines new services via configuration – without customization.

    Product Control Manager

    How effective are you at configuring product offers and quotes in real time?

    Our Product Control Manager Smart App is the leading productized product life cycle management and telecom product catalog software system for communications service providers. It offers:

  • • The most comprehensive array of integration interfaces on the market

    • A standardized Information Model and SID compliance

    • The ability to bundle both traditional telecom and SOA-based products

    • Rich and flexible pricing modeling

  • No other telecom product catalog system can match these capabilities.

    Customer Service Manager

    Our order and subscriber management system – purpose-built for communications and media providers – helps you entice prospects and customers alike. The Customer Service Manager Smart App is a front-end system that helps you meet and exceed your order and subscriber management needs by:

  • • Lowering call handling times

    • Minimizing development, integration and customization

    • Driving consistency via multiple customer interaction channels (agent, self-care, reseller portal) in one code base

    • Providing proven carrier-grade scalability and stability – including a 25-million subscriber implementation with no Severity 1 issues in almost two years


    As a cable and media provider, how will you enable "quad play" requirements and beyond?

    Tackle issues such as customer loyalty, managing the ESTA experience and complex bundling with ICOMS. Built on our BSS platform specifically for the cable and satellite industries, it helps MSOs avoid costly one-off customizations, while generating higher revenues and lower TCO via improved customer service.

    Active Mediation

    Want to seamlessly bridge any protocol and/or data format to meet your mediation business requirements? Or, are you looking for a proven mediation, rating and ESTA billing solution to address your unique network needs?

    A component of our Revenue Management Solution, our Active Mediation Smart App can facilitate usage-based charging and manage online events and session-based charging dialogues. Active Mediation can also address both batch and real-time network mediation in a single instance.

    See why Activation Mediation is a strong complement to our telecom billing software solutions.

    Collections Manager

    Looking to reduce your debt recovery costs? Is uncollected debt keeping you from reaching your revenue goals?

    Designed for the communications industry, our Collections Manager Smart App is an automated, in-house collections system. In addition, it is a key part of our Revenue Management Solutions, enabling service providers to:

  • • Block revenue leakage points

    • Reduce the cost of revenue recovery

    • Boost revenue and margins significantly

    • Return 100% of collected revenue to the bottom line

  • With Collections Manager, service providers can eliminate fees to outside agencies and do not share collected revenue – driving a much improved bottom line.

    Service Fulfillment Manager

    Our Service Fulfillment Manager Smart App helps orchestrate and manage order-handling activities for all services. Highly flexible, it accepts product orders from a variety of sources – CSR GUIs, upstream CRM applications, EAI interfaces or self-care portals – then tracks them through to order completion.

    Focusing on services order management, we pride ourselves on providing both configurable and customizable support that meets the needs of your order-to-cash process. Knowing that your unique telecom order management systems infrastructure requires flexibility and speed-to-market, we provide a reliable product and order management solution to drive the best experience for your customers.

    Service Activation Manager

    Our Service Activation Manager Smart App provides fast, reliable services activation. This ESTA Smart App is an adaptor platform that activates any service on any network, for any underlying technology. It ensures a smooth hand-off from Service Fulfillment Manager – or from any third-party system.

    Service Activation Manager takes the worry out of supporting new network services, effortlessly supporting every detail of taking the service "live" for the customer.

    Whether it is overhauling order management systems or simply introducing a new bundled offer to the mix, our range of Product and Order Management Solutions fits every services order management need.

    Inventory Manager

    Our Inventory Manager Smart App provides enterprise-wide functionality to ensure comprehensive, centralized insight into widespread logical and physical inventory items throughout the inventory lifecycle. Benefits include:

  • • Flexible, configurable deployment

    • Define attributes and rules to suit your business models

    • Integrate with other systems such as CRM and billing with open APIs

    • Fast, accurate service delivery

    • Ensure valid product and service configuration

    • Improve inventory status tracking

    • Accelerate prompt accurate service delivery

    • Continuous auditing

    • Synchronize inventory continuously with any changes that may occur

    • Ensure accountability of all equipment at all times

  • Field Service Manager

    Our Field Service Manager Smart App enables communication service providers to predict service demand; then plan, schedule and execute service delivery in a way that maximizes value across the extended enterprise.

    Specifically, the Economic Resource Optimization solution (ERO) utilizes model-based artificial intelligence which:

  • • Applies best-in-class optimization to the global service delivery lifecycle

    • Evaluates economic impact of each action

    • Maximizes business performance

  • With Field Service Manager, field managers typically deliver operational efficiency gains of 15 – 25%, and reduce mileage by 30 – 50%. With these efficiencies, you can improve customer retention and provide rapid, tangible return on investment.