Intervoice Voice Portal (IVP) is a leading technology platform that enables design and development of innovative self-service solutions. As the first step toward enabling Intelligent Interactions, IVP uses the power of speech and Web-based standards to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and deliver seamless self-service to live agent interactions. Many customer-focused Fortune 100 companies have chosen IVP to enable personalized, intelligent self-service.

IVP is a key component of the ESTA Intelligent Self-Service (ISS) solution, which combines intelligent automation with self-service and outbound notification, empowering companies to take full advantage of every customer interaction and leverage that valuable data to help drive down costs, increase revenue opportunities, and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

To enhance the customer experience via sophisticated voice and multimodal applications, IVP now supports Visual IVR, a new communication channel that presents service options on a mobile phone screen during a voice conversation.

ESTA also offers comprehensive Professional Services to help you create leading-edge self-service applications, and flexible Hosting options.

IVP Editions

IVP Express – a scalable and reliable standards-based platform for ESTA partners who are building highly customized applications for their customers.

IVP Enterprise – adds a sophisticated development environment, extensive reporting, and management tools to enable the design, development, deployment, and management of self-service applications.

IVP Pro – a comprehensive platform that enables the delivery of innovative multimodal applications. This package includes Interaction Composer.

Development Tools

Our Developer Zone is a comprehensive ecosystem that helps developers learn more about our application development tools, including our Eclipse-based Interaction Composer (IC), which serves as the foundation for development of multimodal services and back-office integration. Developers can download IC, install it on their own workstations, and use the "sandbox" environment to start building cutting-edge voice and multimodal applications immediately. This allows developers to test drive IC before making a commitment.

Included with IVP Enterprise Pro, Interaction Composer gives you universal access to the exploding audience of mobile device users. This Eclipse-based drag-and-drop tool enables both contact center programmers and IT developers to quickly develop complex voice or multimodal applications.

Interaction Composer also allows you to migrate your legacy IVR applications to open-standards applications that can include a speech option for more efficient self-service, while reducing the risk and costs normally associated with technology upgrade.

Management and Monitoring

IVP Enterprise and Enterprise Pro include a centralized graphical analysis and management system that configures, deploys, controls, reports, and provisions the complete speech-enabled self-service solution in a local or distributed network environment. This system supports a comprehensive view of your automated self-service solution, allowing early identification of problems and drill-down analysis to quickly diagnose and address those issues. Administrators can also use role-based permissions to control the features and functions available to each user or group.


IVP Enterprise and Enterprise Pro include a comprehensive self-service reporting solution that collects, processes, and presents statistics on virtually every aspect of application activity for IVP systems. Comprehensive detailed and summary reports can be run on a scheduled or ad hoc basis to ensure that IVP is meeting your business and operational needs. For added convenience, reports are presented in Adobe PDF format and emailed to the user's desktop.