Are you struggling to meet your customers' demand for anytime, anywhere access to information over the access channel of their choice?

    In today's highly competitive markets, where maximizing customer loyalty and realizing the greatest revenue potential are key business success metrics, ensuring customers are kept up to date on the latest account and service information is paramount. The dissemination of time-sensitive information to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device, immediately and interactively, is a requirement for which the marketplace is craving.

    ESTA' Multichannel Notification Services offering is an effective way to meet the needs of the market by allowing businesses to deliver alerts and notifications to its customers, detailing real-time account and service activity. These personalized communiqués not only keep customers current, but also provides a vehicle to significantly reduce operational costs by removing the burden on self-service and live agent resources from basic, repetitive tasks.

    Keep Your Customers Informed, While Reducing Operational Costs

    Our Advanced Notification Gateway transforms your contact center from reactive to proactive and provides your customers with the information they need before they ask for it. With the Advanced Notification Gateway, your customers are always kept up to date - whether it's via an outbound call to a landline or mobile phone, a text message to a handheld device, or an email message. And, if they need to take action based on a notification, they can be seamlessly connected to self-service or a live agent. This flexible, extensible framework:

  • • Delivers real-time notification by the customers' preferred channel

    • Ensures all parties have the latest account and service information

    • Strengthens customer relationships

    • Minimizes per-call and transactional costs

    • Easily Integrates via Web services to self-service, live agents and business management systems